delayed in paradise

We were only expecting to stay a short while.

With a snapped tent pole and ripped flysheet the plan was to order a replacement pronto, and get back onto the road, rising north onto the Meseta Central; onward towards Valencia.

A quick turn around was hoped for..

Enter the first problem: Vango tents, our preferred choice, don’t market to the Spanish. Any replacement needed to come from further afield.

Problem two: In the mashed-up confused cyber world of buying on line, we ordered the same looking tent from Germany, only to discover, when it arrived a week later, that we’d purchased a *festival* tent – great for extended weekends away; yet questionable in our minds as to whether it would last even one night, when used by the Monk family.

Problem three: Following an extended and thorough internet search, we realised that our nearest purchase depot was England. Another week’s wait…

The solution: Came in the form of a good Aussie samaritan -who just happens to run an eco-retreat on the outskirts of Vejer de la Frontera, which, for us was seriously lucky!!!

Just as we were gearing up to sleep in our car -waiting for the new tent, Renee had other plans.

Apparently, to see fellow Antipodeans hunkering down inside their vehicle isn’t considered part of the ANZAC spirit! Suddenly we found ourselves living the life of Riley (thanks Riley, whoever you are..), in a quaint three bedroom rural homestead, complete with outdoor patio overlooking the Atlantic. Most enjoyable was the access to a bed – yes! a real bed! and  benefit of running water, fridge, and flushing toilet -what things you miss when cycling!

One week’s wait turned into three. We were soon discovering it’s the sort of location where people come to visit and never leave, which, if we don’t get going might just happen to us.

So, tomorrow is our planned day of departure. The panniers are packed, bikes serviced, and we’re now the happy owners of a new home -Our Vango 450XL. It’s smiles all round.

And a huge thanks, to one kind Aussie, living in Spain.



For more information on Casas Campo de la Luz, eco holiday houses in the south of Spain or to find out more about the area check out their Facebook page or for any enquiries about places to stay in Andalucia: – and check out life in southern Andalucia on Instagram

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