off to a flyer


So we loaded up the bikes, connected on the trailer, group hugged, high fived, whooped, posed for the *departure* photo, and headed off.

DSC07791All of 3 metres.

At which point the trailer promptly keeled over and came to a crunching stop on the side of the driveway.

My first lesson of the trip: clip the trailer on.. properly.

Fortunately, the only damage was in the form of a bruised ego and before long everything had been connected back into position, the journey south ready to continue. From there it was 4 ks downhill to the San Ambrosio cafe- taking in a couple of well earned cafe con leches and cakes for the kids, all before finishing up at our premier night’s accommodation 3 ks on.

With our first day’s distance boasting a massive 7 clicks we celebrated by  acting out a series of whoops and high fives, before declaring ourselves off to an absolute flyer – in between mouthfuls of pasta.

Over the next few days our tandems sauntered down the coast, passing through the towns of Barbate, Zahara, and eventually onto a great little free camping location right by the beach, just north of Tarifa. Popular among surfers, kite surfers and those seemingly content just to gaze out across the Straight of Gibraltar, it offered a relaxed atmosphere with a delicious panaderia and cafe just a short stroll away.


With sand dunes, a lagoon, and ships cruising in and out of the Mediterranean, it was the sort of place where one night could easily turn into three..

Maybe we’d still be there now, if we didn’t have a ferry of our own to catch..