and then there were five..

days to go.. until lift off from the small Spanish town of Vejer, as we pave the way for future generations to space and beyond..

Okay, omit the last bit. My fingers got a little swept away as they rattled the keypad as fast as my thoughts – which was slowww, but hey, after a year of procuring, testing, and training, our bikes and bodies are now ready to depart, so, it can be hard to hide a little fervor for impending adventure, right?

Besides, there comes a time during the build up to all bike trips where the reality of setting off surpasses the reverie of travel; when the moods of future tour cycling joy culminate into the living moment, and the journey actually begins.

Historically for me it’s been the night before; thus resulting in a rushed survey of bikes -only to discover the need for new brakes and wheel truing, which is then compounded by the realization that old clothes no longer fit, and worrying discovery that our tent -that I put away wet- has since turned to French cheese, or something of a similar nature.

But this time things are different.

DSC07632The chain of preparedness has been oiled. We’ve made our trip to the bike mechanic for wheel repairs, and the fitting of potential travel clothes including lycra bike shorts has been a success. Even the detailed inspection of our tent has been met with resounding, high fives.

With less that a week left we are all systems go. All we have to do now is secure doors and cross check. Oh, and maybe find a route…

Though perhaps we could leave that until the last night.