A commonly held belief with dreams, is that no matter what conscious state you’re in, they seem to appear and fade without a distinguishable beginning or end.

But this was no ordinary dream. Infact it seemed more a delusion, as Rachel and I contemplated the idea of selling our house, car, possessions, quitting our jobs and hitting the road with two school age boys. It was an easy conversation to have. At the time we were journeying back by bicycle from Bluff to Blenheim. A trip of 1400 kilometres and several weeks riding. During a rest up on New Zealand’s beautiful west coast the ingredients of sun, warmth and abundant calm, occasionally interupted by the sound and sight of our kids playing on the beach added to the fantasy we were both feeding into.

Almost three years later on, the dream that started back then is now set to become a reality. Over time, our possessions have been whittled down, plans hatched, dates promised and hopes hung as we count down to the start of a journey that will take us through a discovery of the countries we have called home at different times in our lives.

From the 10th of October, our house is to be a 1994 Mitsubishi Canter motorhome. It’s the model with the elbow controlled wind down windows to let gas out and air in, broken stereo so as not to interupt family sing-alongs and a non functioning microwave stacked with herbal teas and coffee. Attached to our house we have a ‘mobile garage’ stashed with two kayaks, a various assortment of fishing utensils, surfboard, generator, kids bikes, four wetsuits, assortment of various tools to throw if we breakdown and a BBQ.

As the days lengthen and summer sneaks up, so too, our excitement and apprehension builds. After three years of dreaming, the familiarity of the world we know is set to become a part of our past as we get ready for a new family adventure.

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