We popped the bubble in 2011.

First we sold our house and flicked the car, before waving goodbye to jobs in healthcare.

Since then we’ve crossed the globe soaking up new experiences, meeting locals and bending our voices to unfamiliar words – even cycling from North Africa to the Highlands of Scotland as a family.

Setting off on our Adventure!

Thanks to the New Zealand Correspondence School our two boys receive ongoing education in their native curricula; though classrooms range from Kiwi mountain huts and French market squares, to the Scottish Highlands and Moroccan kasbahs – with many places in between..

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  1. Hi David, Rachel, Dylan and Louis,

    We are the two Australian walkers you met on a wet day beside the Canal du Nivernais just south of Clamecy.

    Very glad to see you made it to your final designation.

    We have just started writing up our diary of this year’s walk. if you would like a copy of the photo of our meeting, which is on this webpage


    let us know.

    It was very nice meeting you

    Best wishes

    Jenny and Keith

    • Lovely to meet you at Ellerton lake last night! We were so interested in your adventure! Your boys were so lovely and polite! Enjoy the rest of your adventure!

  2. Hi Dave Rachel and Boys, desperately sorry to read that you will not be returning to the site in Ballater. You guy’s certainly made a big impact on the Camping fraternity, and the boy’s tireless caring for the environment and wild life ably supported by a wheelbarrow, will be sadly missed. Good luck with the rest of your travels, pictures look amazing.

  3. Hi Dave Rachael and the Boys
    Cycling in Morocco? Never mentioned that when you left Ballater for winter in Spain…?
    Atlas Mountains “A bit hilly”. No problem to me. But then I did have an engine in my bike….
    You guys ride safe. Will keep an eye on you through your blog…Enjoy
    I’m off to India in 3 weeks time. Up near NW frontier…Not going into Pakistan or Afghanistan (Enough trouble there without me turning up looking for a cup of coffee and the toilet….😎😎😎

    • Hi Scott – great to hear from you.

      yeah, morocco was a kind of spur of the moment thing…. that turned into a four week odyssey. beautiful place, wonderful people.

      We hope to get back through Ballater at some point, so if you’re around, it would be good to catch up…

      until then,

      The Monks

  4. Good to see you’re still enjoying the journey. The boys are certainly growing fast. What an adventure to look back on

    • Thanks Allan.

      Yes, they’re certainly shooting up – helps with the bikes!

      Hope all’s going well in Southport..

      until next time.


  5. Great to hear an update from you guys and that yuo are off on your travels again. Have you been in Scotland for the last year? We are now settled in Kerikeri, and whilst we love our place here also miss that amazing feeling of being on the road and all the new experiences. Enjoy your next trip. … Helen & Tim

  6. Hey David, Rachel, Dylan and Louis!
    I didn’t find an other way to write you so i use “Leave a Reply”.
    I can see on your blog that you’re still in France. That’s really good, i know a bit this country, “amazing” 😉 I hope the boys enjoy it and continue to discover a lot of thing by themselves and people you meet.
    What’s plan next? (wrong question if i well read your last article)
    In the same idea, i begin to think that you cannot expect anything for a place. Because all the thing you live in a place is so different and so better than what you expected. It’s really what i like in this kind of trip.
    I’m now in Turkey and i just feel i begin my trip after 6 months. These two weeks with you, Christophe and Margot were really the best start i could do. Really a good souvenir.
    I hope the caravan resist to your travel and is still a causy home for you with all your friends around, wrote in the outside.
    I still don’t drink coffee even after Croatia 🙂 The turkish mountains are quite hard but the sunset in blacksea make my day.
    I hope to hear about you.

    • Salut Romain,
      Comment ca va?
      Merveilleux d’entendre de vos voyages. -wow, ne peut pas croire que vous êtes en Turquie. où est passé le temps!
      La caravane est encore en France, mais nous allons maintenant travailler en Ecosse. sur un terrain de camping.
      La France a été une grande expérience et que nous n’oublierons jamais. Surtout après avoir rencontré des gens comme vous. – Lewis parle encore de jouer aux échecs avec vous!

      Quoi qu’il en soit, bonne chance pour le voyage, nous attendons avec impatience vos aventures de temps en temps.

      Bon courage et bon voyage, notre ami
      Dave, Rachel, Dylan and Lewis

  7. Dave, don’t know if you and Rachel and boys are getting to Greece, but just in case, saw this on Facebook and thought you might be interested.

    Volunteers needed. We need help with donkeys, horses, dogs, repair work, construction work, cleaning, training. You name it, we need it.
    experience is not needed but willingness and sense of humour is! Accommodation in self contained en suite bedroom with fridge and microwave. (single or double bed)provided for small weekly charge to cover costs. Transport is necessary – mountain bike, scooter, or car can be hired locally. please e mail info@walkwithdonkeys.com or message here if you are interested.

  8. Hope you are enjoying France. Plenty to see there! Had a good day out with George on Wednesday. Keep going as long as you can. Allan

    • G’day Allan, or rather Bonjour.

      Thanks for dropping a line. yeah, France is amazing and we’re really loving it over here in the Massif Central. Hopefully the old boy didn’t corrupt you guys too much. be nice to catch up christmas when we’re back in the uk..

      Take care

      The Monk

  9. Free spirits. You’re all living my dream. I’ve always wanted to do it ever since a month flew by while I tripped round the coast of the Sth Island with a car and tent. Now I’m not sure I’d have the courage to do it alone. I think about it though, more so now I’ve returned from too many years on the wrong side of the globe… Have a wonderful world

  10. Hi david and Rachel. I have so enjoyed following your travels in the Marlborough Express. Best wishes for the next leg in the North Island, I will be looking out for the next installment. Cheers, Dale Y

  11. Thanks for sharing your site with me. I am looking forward to having you in our class at the Correspondence School!

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