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The market was bustling with people. Stalls loomed over us, umbrellas blocking out the sun.

We met Vianney at his stall. He sells vegies; nice fresh ones.

Mum and Dad went to get a coffee and I went to get a Pan Au Chocolate. It is a pastry with chocolate in the middle.

Then I went to ask for olives, cheese and bread.

In my opinion French markets are better then English markets, because everything is fresh or homegrown.

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28/07/17 Airbus v Boeing

Airbus and Boeing have had a long rivalry to make the worlds best commercial plane.

The recent arrival of the Airbus a350  has given Airbus the leading edge.

Airbus’s new twin engine plane has reached new heights as it flies at 43,000 feet which makes it travel quicker because the air is thinner.

Compared to old aluminium planes the A350 is built with carbon fibre making it lighter resulting in 25% less fuel which is better for the environment.

The aircraft’s weight is the same as 197 Toyota hiluxes!

Because of its new efficiency it will be used to fly the longest route from Singapore to New York which is 15,300 km. The a350 is an amazing plane that is changing the history of flight!






The wind was howling as I tossed and turned in my bed.

The rain was splintering the top of the thin white roof.

I was trying to get some sleep but couldn’t, so I opened my blinds, looked outside and saw a giant cloud speeding closer to me, but I lay back down and went to sleep.



I looked at my blue watch “5 minutes to go” I said.

My excitement was soaring like the shiny plane soon would be.

Above the steely fence line we looked out and saw the long strip of tarmac, the evening sun reflected off its dark surface.

Suddenly the tail from the giant of the sky began moving from behind the terminal.

It came out of the big terminal and was coming up the runway.

The monster plane lined up the long runway and gave it full throttle.

We watched as the A380 took off and started slowly banking around.

I witnessed the biggest passenger airliner in the world take off for the first time from Christchurch airport.

It was an amazing experience!!!!.








img_20160821_122832We sat down on a comfy seat with a big green microphone in front of us. We were about to be interviewed!
The lady who was interviewing us asked questions about our trip. We had to answer the questions loud and clearly.
It was exciting! !! The room was the size of a shed.





The Trip!

dsc00559My highlights of this trip were: going over the Pyrenees into France and I loved seeing the Scottish Borders.
I have missed my lego, teddies, bed, pillow, big room, and space.

But, I would love to go on a trip like this again.


14th /August /2016



DSC00717We turned a corner and saw a big sign saying Welcome to the Scottish Borders! ! !
I jumped off the bike and shouted “our 5th and final country “.

I did some jumping between England and Scotland! We all laughed,  it was good to be in Scotland.



DSC00810The Forth bridge.

The Firth of Forth runs pass Edinburgh all the way up to Stirling.

The bridge stretches like a half pipe going to the other side.

Cyclists have their own cycle lanes,  which makes it safe to cross and the bridge is skyscraper high with brilliant views.




I saw my favourite teddy called Bobbles today.
He is 3 feet tall and 1 foot wide.

He is sooooo fluffy and cuddly.  I love him soooo much. I take him on the swings, he is like another brother.

Bobbles will go back to Grandma and Grandad’s house.

They have come to visit us in York.



We went to a cricket game in Hull, England.
I was supporting Barton upon  Humber. I got the captain’s  autograph of Barton’s team.

Dylan, mum, dad and myself watched the match.

Then we played cricket in the practice nets. It was really cool.



We camped in a field of rape seed which had gone off.

I thought we were going to get run over by a combine harvester and get squashed by it!

When it was dawn, we packed up and rolled off!



DSC00411Last night we wild-camped right next to horse poo, we were about 2 metres from it.
I jumped into my sleeping bag. I could smell horse poo around the night air. The next morning I woke up to the smell of horse poo.




The first world war was supposed to be the war that ended wars.

It was fought in Europe and the front line went through CDSC04466arlepont where we are currently.

On one side of the line was Germany and on the other side were the Allies.

Cycling along we see war graves. They are fields full of crosses and remind us of tragedy of war.




DSC04013On the Canal du Nivernais there are many locks.

They work by twisting a cable which opens and closes the big brown gates.

There are two doors on each side. When a boat comes along,  one of the doors open and the other door shuts. The boat goes in and the water starts to fill up.

This makes the boat level with the canal and off they go!





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We were cycling along a road when it was raining.

Suddenly, a fast car came around a corner and sprayed us with water!

We got completely soaked and we all laughed.

Once we got to a shelter, the rain stopped!




6th June 2016


IMG_20160606_214835I looked down at my plate and saw a Bourbonnaise snail  looking back at me!

I had to eat it because my French friends started chanting: “Lewis, Lewis.”

I pulled it out of it’s shell and without thinking I popped it into my mouth before saying: “That was so nice!”

Dad had one and so did mum but the only person who did not have one was Dylan .

I wish he did!






Tilling is important.

It means that you don’t need to go on your hands and knees to pick weeds !!!

It also makes the job go quicker!

Tilling turns the soil over, so the roots of the  weeds get dried out from the sun and die. ☺



The tractor chugged along the rocky road leading down to the farm.

I was driving the tractor. As I  turned the corner I could see the serres (green houses) where we go and pick the vegetables.

Life on a farm is awesome!



We cycled through Barcelona.

It was  very  very busy. It has 9 million people living in it which is a lot! !!!!!!

There was a giant gherkin which we cycled past next to the cycle  lanes .

9 million people  is double the population of New Zealand – crazy








DSC02262The Pyrenees mountains  separate France and Spain.

Their height is 3000  metres  and their length is 500 km! !!
Spain is  a big  country to cycle and we did  it !!







DSC02936A branch of the Rhone river had flooded the path making it  impossible to  cycle through.

Dad  checked  how  deep  it was by walking in, and gave the  thumbs up. Then, Dad carried  us  across and Mum pushed the bikes to the other side.

It  was exciting crossing the ford and I felt like an adventurer.



24th March 2016

DSC01374The wind blew as I tried to get to sleep in my hammock.

I rocked my hammock which was connected to some bare trees. I felt warm and snug in my sleeping bag, as I looked through the branches up at the full battered moon.

I closed my eyes and went to sleep. zzzzz




23rd March 2016

DSC01352One month ago I watched the moon rise up over the Atlantic.

Tonight I will watch the moon rise over the Mediterranean.

I have cycled 800 km over Spain.

I am really proud of myself for doing this!!!




Dylan lifted up a big rock and found a scorpion.

The scorpion was a Mediterranean scorpion which can not kill you, but was about the size of my finger.

It was a very scary experience.








DSC00807We are wild camping looking out over the mountains.

There is snow on the peaks of the mountains.

I can hear the shepherd and his sheep.

It is stunning!!!





20/02/16 – San Ambrosio, Spain.

DSC00952I have built a really amazing den .

It is amazing because it has a wall made out of twigs and leaves.

Me and my dad went in it and built a fireplace.

I would like to toast lots of marshmallows !!!

They will taste delicious.




06/02/2016  – Ksar el Kebir, Morocco.

DSC09007There was only one room for sleeping, eating, resting, partying and reading.

There was no electricity there, only a gas fire and woolen blankets for warmth .

Outside, they had a couple of sheep and a cow.

They were subsistence farmers which meant they simply grew enough for themselves. 




03/02/2016 – Kenitra, Morocco.

DSC08766A souk is a type of Moroccan market.

They have street vendors which sell: oranges, apples, bananas, and lots of other delicious foods.

They also sell  sweet nougat, too.

Road vendors have little trolleys where they put their food and sell at the market all day long.

IT IS ACE !!!!!!!


01/02/2016 – Asilah, Morocco.

DSC08311The waves crashed over the port wall like the bow of a boat in a stormy sea.

The waves kept coming and coming. It was life and death.

We were standing on the port waiting for a big wave to come.

Finally it came. The wave crashed over and we got completely drenched.