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The Scots pines loomed over us as we got out of the car; dappled light lit up the heather like a purple stage. We walked over some boggy terrain and found a suitable flat camping spot, before pitching the tent and making a den. stuff 016

We built it by jamming a horizontal branch between two trees, then laid lots of  big sticks diagonally against it. Once that was done there was still a lot of gaps in the roof to fill in, so we pulled up moss and piled it on the den top.

After we had done the same process on the other side, making sure there was a entrance, we all felt a sense of achievement.

The last thing we did was get a knife and make a little hole in the tree. With the sharp end of a stick we hit the stick into the tree and made a coat hanger. Then it was good enough to stay in!!!


Advanced Age:

I think neolithic people were better improvisers than us because to make glue they used tree sap, bees wax and amber which made a sticky paste that held things together, like the flint in an arrow head.

Also, instead of an electric drill they used a bow drill which was made of leather, wood and a piece of metal in one end.


To operate the bow drill you pull the leather back and forth making the metal bit go round and round creating a hole in the stone…



20th May 2017

The pukeko plodded on by my den, between the flickers of early sunlight and beneath the naked tree, searching for worm sushi.

Pukekos make an awful screech but they have a beautiful colour of dark red and navy blue with pebble black eyes.

Most impressive of all is their big feet and sharp claws for cracking chestnuts open.

They peck at them with their beak and ravenously devour the flesh inside.




DSC00836The wind howled against the tent as we climbed in.

We put the tent behind some small bushes because of the 60km winds and played games and had tea as our home shook.

After a while the winds got less..

Then mum and dad checked our school work while  Lewis and I fell asleep.




DSC00810The Humber bridge opened in 1981 and is 2220 metres long. It was the eighth biggest suspension  bridge in the world.

The Tay bridge opened in 1956 and is 2256 metres long.

The Forth bridge is 2512 metres long and opened in 1964.
60,000 cars use it  every day!

I liked cycling across the Forth bridge because it was the longest.



We are going to see Grandma and Grandad soon.

When they come, I will give them a big hug and say:  “I love you! ”

We will stay up late and tell them about our trip.

I can’t wait. We are going to look through my telescope at the moon.

It has been 9 months since we saw them last.


We went to the National railway museum in York.
It was  fascinating!

The Mallard is the fastest steam train in the world. It can go 200 kms an hour and weighs 200 tonnes .

It was built in 1938


23/07 /16

We are staying on a farm in Lincolnshire,  England.
When we had finished putting up the tent, me and Lewis headed off to see the pigs.

The pigs had long floppy ears and curly tails. They were pink and had long snouts for routing around.

After a while, we headed back to HQ.

Because we were hungry!



DSC04801Roald Dahl was an author and began writing in the 1960s

Roald Dahl came up with the idea of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when he was 11 years old.

He crashed his plane in the desert after running out of fuel, which resulted in him becoming an author.

Roald Dahl’s daughter was killed by an illness when she was young. Some of his books are dedicated to her.

We visited his museum in greater Missenden..




We have just cycled through North West France and visited the World War 1 frontline. This is a poem from that time:

In Flander’s field.

In Flanders fields the poppies blow, between the crosses row by row, that mark our place; and in the sky the larks, still bravely singing. Fly scarce amid the guns below.

We are the dead. Short days ago we lived, and now we lie in Flanders field.

Take up our quarrel with the foe :  to you from failings hands we throw the torch; be yours to hold it high, if ye break faith with us who die. We shall not sleep though poppies grow in Flanders fields.



Summer solstice 2016:

I was breathing fast.  I was climbing up a house with a rope and harness.

DSC03738I unclipped the safety clip and attached it onto the other side of the rope and then I unclipped the other safety clip and started to walk across the slack line,  from one house to the other, with only a rope to hold on to.

When I finally got to the end,  I had to come face to face with my nightmare!

I had to jump  20 feet with a harness to hold me up!!!

The man said on the count of 3, jump!

Down, down I fell until I hit the ground. Then I took off the harness and ran over to mum and gave her a big hug.

“That was awesome! ” I said.


Monday 20th June

We were getting ready for a relaxing night.
But then all of a sudden we heard snorting and pounding!

We jolted up and ran to the porch of the tent.
We peeped through the gap in the tent, and there was  a bull!!

The bull was about 20 metres away!

Dad went out followed by us boys, Mum stayed in the tent and packed up.

Then we realised that there was another bull in the other field.

Dad told us to get up a tree but all the trees were big.
So dad gave us a leg up and I grabbed onto the nearest branch followed by Lewis.

When everything was packed up we headed off past the bull!!!
When We were back on the road,  we talked to each other saying how cool it had been.

When we finally found a Place to camp, we quickly put up the tent and dropped off…




20th May 16

I am in a classroom in France on a day trip.
I’m watching what the other kids are doing.

The children all sit in separate desks and under the desks they have their books.

The children are working quietly and independently.

It has been interesting to watch. ☺🙋📖📐✒



15 May 2016

DSC03483Today  we went  to the market  in Roanne.
I watched mum and  Vianney sell the raddish and the salad.
Then I  asked for a go at selling. Mum said “yes!”
So I Popped up over to the till. Someone came  over and said “can I buy some salad please .” I said “yes.” (In french ).
I handed them a  bag to put their salad in.
I told them  the  price and gave them the change and said goodbye in french too !☺🐥🐭🐁🐤🐣🗼👍




DSC02700Avignon  is  a medieval city  with a wall  and  ramparts  around its  centre.

It is 800 years old and the  streets are cobbled.

In the the centre of town there is a palace with a gold statue about 50 meters high.

It is a really a awesome palace to visit, because of its history.


April 2016

Zama1200 years b.c. the Romans were expanding their army…

The Carthaginians wanted to stop them, so Hannibal Barca went to Africa to get some African forest elephants.

Hannibal walked his African forest Elephants all the way across Spain, some of the elephants died when he crossed the Alps.

When Hannibal got to Italy he led his elephants to where the Roman army was, and this is how the 2nd Punic War began.

The Carthaginians won the war and Hannibal walked back to Spain.

We are currently cycling the route Hannibal led his elephants and Barcelona is named after him.



24h March 2016

DSC01373I put up the hammock and asked Dad if I could sleep in it, he said ‘yes!’

So I ran into the tent, got my sleeping bag and took it to my hammock.

After a couple more trips, I was finally ready.

I got into my sleeping bag and snuggled into bed. Dad came and tucked me into bed.

I listened to the bees buzzing over head and then went to sleep. zzzz



15/03/2016   – Bull Fighting


matador-and-bull-clarence-alfordBull fighting is a traditional sport in Spain.

The matadors wave a red cloth to make the bull angry.

The other matadors pierce the bulls skin with decorated spears and  eventually the bull gets tired and the matadors kill it.

I think this is cruel because they are torturing an animal.



13 march 2016  -The Scorpion

DSC00822I turned over a rock not knowing what to expect.

Then I saw a skink, so I tried to sneak up behind it but then something else caught my eye – IT WAS A MEDITERRANEAN SCORPION!!!!!!

I shouted Mum and Dad over.

When they saw it they both said “OH MY GOD.”

Dad got the scorpion out of his burrow using a stick.

Then we spent the next 10 minutes taking photos of it – Amazing !





9/02/16 – THE SOUK

A souk is a type of Moroccan market.

They have street vendors that pile their strawberries like little pyramids.

They use scales to tell you what the price is.

The scales are old and you need heavy little weights.

The oranges are succulent and the plums are juicy and the bananas are tasty.


07/02/2016 – Less Fortunate 

DSC08465I could tell he was poor because of his clothes, they looked ragged.

When I walked past he cupped his hands.

It made me feel sad because all I needed my money for was to buy chocolate.

I gave him two dirhams so he could get water and bread.

I didn’t really need my chocolate anyway.




04/02/2016 – MOROCCO

DSC00443Moroccans live a different life to Britons and New Zealanders:

Their toilet is outside and they have different coloured rooms where they eat different foods, and they sleep on the floor.

The Moroccans have nothing posh, just the basics.

Their main mode of transport is horse and cart.

That is COOL!



02/02/2016 – STORKS

A stork is a type of bird that can be found in Morocco, on top of power-lines!!!DSC08922

They have fanned long wings and are about one metre tall.Their colour is black and white.

Storks are carnivores which means they eat meat such as mice, frogs, and insects.