Beautiful Wildcamps

From the outset, finding a place to wildcamp has featured as an almost nightly ritual of our continental voyage between Morocco and England. We’ve pitched on mountainsides, valley floors, exposed coastlines and on the banks of convoluting rivers.

Below, we share the Monks’ top 5 wildcamping sites as discovered en route throughout Europe:


Coming in at number 5 is this gem of a spot on a North Yorkshire meadow, complete with full moon rising..


Forest camping along the Rhone and a perfect location for four comfy hammocks as tea brews, is our fourth favourite spot.


Pitched up on the banks of the Canal du Nivernais features as our 3rd best place to camp.


Pushed in among a fruit-laden orchard on the Spanish Med, while drifting off to the airy fragrance of mandarin trees, makes this locale -close to Valencia- a close runner up. But…


…our favourite wildcamping site, by unanimous family vote, sits high on the Meseta Central watching eagles, stoking the campfire and looking across to the distant peaks of the Sierra Nevada..



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